• Aukoko

Ayanfe - A Yoruba Opera

Ayanfe- Written and Directed by April Koyejo-Audiger

Composed by Pierre Audiger

Supported by Arts Council England

Part of the Opera in the City Festival 2018

Ayanfe, a Yoruba Opera was performed at the Bridewell Theatre in London, as part of the Opera in the City festival. The show was completely sold out with future performances in 2019 planned.

Written by April Atinuke Koyejo, is an opera that encompasses the global representations of yoruba culture taking inspiration from Cuban, Brazilian, and Nigerian Yoruba interpretations. Loosely based on Yoruba fairytales and legends including Moremi Ajasoro. Stories often told to her as a child by her mother, April sought to continue the oral tradition by rewriting the stories for the operatic stag.

The work is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative, interactive performance with a magnetic cast, combining Brazilian, Cuban and Nigerian, Yoruba elements of dance, narration and talking drums supported by an ensemble of western classical and Ballet Dancers, Singers and Ensemble.

First performed as 'Moremi Ajasoro' as a project-performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2015, the project grew into Ayanfe for its London premiere in August 2018.